What You Need To Know About Invisalign Aligners Vs. Mail-Order Aligners

The first of their sort, Invisalign aligners, initially appeared on the market more than 20 years ago. They have been setting the standard for cutting-edge, essentially undetectable orthodontic therapy during that time. Recently, new companies have emerged that sell direct-to-consumer clear aligners that are shipped to the customer’s house and do not necessitate an in-person appointment with a qualified orthodontist.

What Sets Invisalign Clear Aligners Apart From Mail-Order Aligners?

The two procedures differ greatly, notably with regard to the clear aligners: The proprietary SmartTrack material used in Invisalign aligners is specifically created for use with orthodontic aligners and allows for more predictable movement and quicker, more dependable outcomes. Because mail-order aligners lack access to this technology, they must use generic plastic, which can affect how well the treatments work. However, every aligner plastic, regardless of brand, is BPA-free, despite their boasts to the contrary.

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Are Mail-Order Aligners Capable Of Treating The Same Conditions As Invisalign?

No. The orthodontic disorders that mail-order aligners may cure are few and far between. They can only treat mild to moderate situations where the teeth do not need sophisticated motions if an orthodontist is directly supervising them.

Additionally, mail-order aligners are not compatible with attachments—tiny grips that are affixed to specific teeth to improve the aligners’ grip—which are another drawback. Even in difficult instances, Invisalign attachments can straighten teeth, but without them, the efficacy of mail-order aligners is constrained. Invisalign therapy may therefore treat a far wider range of issues than mail-order clear aligners, including more significant ones.

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How Long Does It Take To Straighten Teeth With Mail-Order Aligners?

Even while a lot of mail-order aligner companies promise results in six months, this isn’t always the reality. Only minor to moderate problems can be corrected within six months; more complicated conditions could need more time to heal.

It can be challenging to predict how long a case would take to complete treatment without close supervision by a qualified orthodontist. If problems do occur, they might not be identified right away. Which might delay treatment or, in extreme situations, harm the teeth.

Are Invisalign Aligners Faster Than Mail-Order Aligners?

No. “Results in 6 months” is a phrase used by mail-order companies to advertise their aligner treatments. However, this isn’t always the case. Complex cases will take longer than six months and can need a lot more aligners than what was originally quoted. By utilizing updated, patented technology that is tailored for precise movement and successful outcomes. Invisalign treatment may cure challenging situations faster while also producing results in as little as 6 months. Additionally, using braces or Invisalign therapy, minor instances might be addressed in less time than six months.

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Are Mail-Order Brands Of Aligners More Affordable Than Invisalign Aligners?

No, actually. For roughly $2,000, mail-order aligner companies provide “full” 6-month clear aligner treatments. There is a catch, though: that fee does not cover the cost of X-rays, diagnostic records, additional aligners for fine-tuning or more difficult situations, attachments for aligner grip, or final retainers, not to mention direct, in-office supervision by a qualified orthodontist. Only mild to severe instances may be finished in 6 months, therefore you could need more aligners to finish your treatment. These must be purchased individually or you run the risk of getting less-than-satisfactory results.

For roughly $2400, some Invisalign providers provide a mild-to-moderate case treatment option that includes all aligners and retainers. You can wind up spending much more than the initial price tag due to the additional fees necessary for proper treatment with mail-order aligners. Lower pricing also equates to lower-quality components. Mail-order aligner companies utilize generic plastic for their transparent aligners because they lack access to Invisalign’s proprietary technologies, such as the SmartTrack material.

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Are X-Rays Accepted By Mail-Order Aligner Brands?

No. As x-rays are required for orthodontic treatment, mail-order aligner firms need their clients to pay out-of-pocket for x-rays at their dentist’s office, at a fee separate from their clear aligner therapy, in order to obtain x-rays. In contrast, x-rays are included in the expenses for Invisalign patients receiving treatment at an orthodontist’s clinic.

Final Words

In conclusion, Invisalign treatment is not truly more affordable than mail-order aligner brands. With all the additional expenses required for successful treatment, limited insurance coverage, and inferior materials, the true value difference is obvious: you are paying more, for less. Due to the thorough care of Invisalign aligners and the peace of mind acquired from seeing and conversing with your doctor during appointments. You will receive greater value overall from in-office, doctor-supervised Invisalign treatment than with mail-order aligners.

How Safe Are Mail-Order Aligners?

Mail-order aligners may seem like a good deal, but don’t be misled; they may be harmful and may really cause more harm than good to your teeth.

Are Aligners Prone To Breaking?

Yes, to answer briefly. Even though these aligners are quite strong, they occasionally fracture or shatter. Because you should wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours each day, a crack or fracture that is not immediately repaired might delay the process of straightening your teeth.

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