What To Expect During Consultation With An Orthodontist?

Before starting treatment, schedule a consultation appointment with your orthodontist. In order to develop a customised treatment plan for you, your expert will first evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw in order to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Typically, these appointments consist of two parts:

During the first phase of your consultation, a dental hygienist will take x-rays, pictures, digital scans, and plaster moulds of your child’s teeth. The orthodontist will then review these materials and discuss them with you.

The orthodontist will next examine your child’s teeth, gums, facial structure, and bite. After you have had a chance to discuss any concerns you may have at your initial consultation. Then, your doctor will be able to decide whether therapy is necessary.

During A Consultation-Ask Your Orthodontist These Questions

Here are 10 key inquiries to ask your orthodontist as you get ready for your first session.

  • Are you a licenced orthodontist with specialization?
  • What course of therapy do orthodontists advise, and why?
  • Are there any more treatments orthodontists should think about?
  • What alterations to the way of life will you have to make while having orthodontic treatment?
  • Can you continue with orthodontic treatment while travelling?
  • How long will your medical care last?
  • what is the total cost of your treatment? 
  • How frequently will you have to visit for adjustments?
  • Can you view some of orthodontics previous work?
  • How are orthodontists providing follow-up care?

Do You Get Braces Put On At Your Initial Appointment?

No, your braces won’t put on at your first session since there are still a lot of preparations to do, such getting your orthodontic x-rays and getting examined. Your orthodontist will establish during your initial consultation the precise tooth motions needed to straighten your teeth and align your jaw. Following your initial visit, your orthodontist will develop your treatment plan and determine a time for you to start wearing braces.

Prior to getting their braces fitted, your kid or adolescent may experience some anxiety. However, it’s vital to reassure them that there is no need to worry because the procedure itself is painless. No drilling or using needles! It’s just a tricky process that needs them to remain motionless for between 30 and 60 minutes while the braces are glued on.

With metal braces, tiny metal brackets are bonded to the teeth and joined by a thin wire that is periodically adjusted to progressively straighten the teeth. After the braces are put on, the dental hygienist or orthodontic assistant will talk to your child about how to take care of their new braces and provide them all the required cleaning supplies and after-care instructions.

Immediately after receiving their braces for the first time, your youngster can feel a little discomfort. To treat any soreness, we suggest Panadol or Nurofen (which will subside within a few days).

For Braces, How Many Appointments Are Necessary?

thankfully only one! While your child or adolescent may experience some anxiety before acquiring braces, the entire process just takes one session and lasts around an hour. Every five to six weeks, adjustment appointments will also be necessary. Here, your orthodontist will alter or tweak the wires to maintain the proper direction of your child’s tooth movement.

Of course, call your orthodontist at any time prior to a consultation or treatment appointment and speak with them on the phone about any queries or worries you may have.


Before an orthodontic visit, kids and teens may experience a range of emotions. It’s typical for kids to feel anxious and ecstatic at the same time. Whether it’s their first appointment or their fifth adjustment.

After A Consultation, How Long Does It Typically Take To Obtain Braces?

The typical wait time for braces is two to three weeks following the initial examination.

What Happens During The Initial Appointment With The Orthodontist?

We will evaluate you and provide you with no-cost dental and oral imaging. Then, a personalised treatment plan will be developed to take into account your unique needs. We urge you to learn more about insurance and funding alternatives, as well as any concerns you may have regarding your treatment plan.

Before Braces, Do Orthodontists Clean The Teeth?

To ensure that your braces are correctly fastened to your teeth, you must keep your teeth extremely clean. Additionally, brushing and flossing should be done beforehand. Before attaching the braces, your orthodontist will first polish your teeth using a paste. The actual process should last between 90 and 120 minutes.

What Steps Are Involved In Acquiring Braces?

The Planning Stage, Active Stage, and Retention Stage are the three steps that commonly make up orthodontic treatment and your journey to a winning smile.

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