Tips For Teeth Whitening After Braces – Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

You could notice that some of your teeth are lighter in colour if you’ve had braces on for several months or years. This is due to the fact that the brackets that are affixed to your teeth have shielded the enamel from contact with the food and beverages you have ingested. The resulting uneven look will fade with your saliva over time.

When brackets and wires are removed, the teeth are frequently not white and glossy. For this reason, when their orthodontic treatment is complete, many patients choose to undergo teeth-whitening procedures. Even after getting rid of your braces, you can still do it.

Whitening Your Teeth After Braces

One of the simplest dental procedures available is teeth whitening. If you obtain teeth whitening through a dentist, a dental hygienist will use professional-grade products to whiten your teeth. Your teeth will be treated with bleaching agents that are cured by UV radiation. Then, for the next 20 to 60 minutes, your teeth will cure until they are the desired shade of white. If the teeth are sensitive, this procedure can be repeated numerous times in the clinic on the same day or spaced out over several days.

Additionally, dentists provide take-home professional treatments that patients may use on their own schedule and that are considerably more effective than toothpaste, strips, or over-the-counter remedies. Always verify the chemicals being used and the procedure details before beginning any tooth whitening. 

When whitening your teeth, keep these things in mind:

  • Many products you may use at home won’t noticeably whiten your teeth. Many toothpastes don’t truly change the colour of your teeth; they just eliminate plaque or surface stains.
  • Look for over-the-counter products that include hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide when making your selection. Your teeth will truly become whiter thanks to them.
  • Getting expert teeth whitening from a dentist can yield the greatest and fastest results. Even just one office visit will whiten your teeth, which is fantastic if you have a formal occasion coming up or are pressed for time.

Methods For Teeth Whitening After Braces

Let’s discuss some possibilities for teeth whitening.

1. Over-The-Counter Bleaching Items

These consist of whitening toothpastes, whitening pens, and whitening strips. It will take a very long time before you observe a whitening effect, despite the fact that they are safe and easily available over-the-counter at the majority of pharmacies and supermarkets.

2. Bleaching Trays At Home

Utilizing trays manufactured specifically to match the distinctive contours of your teeth is called home tray bleaching. The trays are filled with whitening gel, which you apply to your teeth to make them whiter. If you get the whitening gel from your dentist or orthodontist, you’ll see results in the first two weeks. Before you see any whitening result with an over-the-counter whitening gel, it will take a very long time.

3. Specialised Services

Although over-the-counter treatments are readily available, if you want the greatest results for your smile and for yourself. You should visit your dentist or orthodontist for professional teeth whitening. They frequently employ stronger chemicals that will whiten your teeth more quickly. Additionally, they are aware of the chemicals that go into each product. So they can make sure the components are safe for you, safeguarding the fragile enamel on your teeth and gums. The teeth-whitening process can either be done in-office with a powerful whitening machine or at home with bleaching trays and gel.

After Getting Braces, Can You Whiten Your Teeth At Home?

Natural compounds with teeth-whitening effects have been identified over time, including baking soda, strawberries, and lemon. Dentists do not advise this course of action since you are unsure of the kind of permanent harm you could be doing to your teeth and gums. For safe and effective teeth whitening procedures, always visit a dentist or orthodontist.

When Can You Whiten Your Teeth After Having Braces?

Waiting at least six months to whiten your teeth after having your braces removed is advised by Orthodontics. Since your teeth may temporarily feel weak and sensitive after having your braces removed. This will prolong the process and increase comfort and effectiveness by giving your teeth ample time to strengthen and acclimate to life without braces. Give saliva a few months to work its magic before opting to have your teeth whitened by a certified dentist or orthodontist. Keep in mind that saliva will assist lessen the intensity of the discoloration over time.


At the conclusion of your orthodontic treatment, some orthodontists may provide teeth whitening. However, you should confirm with your provider whether this is a service they provide and if it is included by your overall contract or payment schedule. Not only is it safer than at-home treatments, but it is also more effective. Dental specialists can identify early indicators of gum disease and tooth decay, ensuring the safety of your teeth whitening procedure.

What Is The Best Method For Teeth Whitening After Braces?

A whitening toothpaste may be used to whiten your teeth at home, which may be sufficient to get rid of certain superficial stains. Fluoride, which strengthens enamel, and chemicals or polishing agents that are specifically designed to remove stains are both found in whitening toothpastes.

How Soon Can You Whiten My Teeth After Having Braces?

The majority of dentists advise waiting at least six months before having your braces removed before having your teeth whitened. Your teeth should have plenty of time to regain their strength as a result, making the whitening process more successful and bearable.

How Quickly Can Braces Stains Be Removed?

Mouthwash works best for stain removal. Purchase alcohol-free mouthwash, use it three times daily, and be sure you gargle for at least two minutes each time. Most stains should come out with this, but not all of them.

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