Can You Get Invisalign For Bottom Teeth Or Top Teeth Only?

Consider getting Invisalign for your top or bottom teeth simply if you want to straighten your smile. But believe that you just require partial treatment. One arch of your mouth will only need to wear aligners as a result of this single arch treatment. Instead than changing your occlusion as a whole, this technique is typically best for people who want to address a specific issue with their teeth (the biting relationship between your lower and upper teeth).

How Does Single Arch Treatment Work?

Wearing a set of aligners for your top and bottom teeth is traditionally part of the invisalign treatment process. Simply wearing Invisalign for only your top teeth or just your bottom teeth, depending on your unique needs, is the single arch treatment. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate for single arch treatment. Your dentist will only consider this on a case-by-case basis. They will decide if you are eligible for it based on your occlusion (how your teeth bite) and the basic needs you have for your smile.

When Does Invisalign Only Work On Top Teeth Or Bottom Teeth?

When only a few of your teeth misalign and you have interest in cosmetic elements of straightening. Your teeth and improving the appearance of your smile, a single arch Invisalign is usually a good pick. Treatment for both arches will be more appropriate if you have problems with cross- or overbites.

Single arch therapy is typically more appropriate for the following:

  • Gaps or space
  • Slight misalignment in the front teeth
  • A crooked tooth
  • Any teeth in the smiling region
  • Any prior orthodontic care that wasn’t necessary for you

Do Single Arch Treatments Carry Any Risks?

Your top and bottom teeth close against one another with a highly precise biting arrangement (occlusion). If your bite is adjusted, it is simple to alter the locations at which your teeth bite. Which may result in certain teeth biting harder or higher than others. If this is not done properly, you can experience frequent toothaches and difficulties with tooth wear. This is why it’s crucial to check your mouth bite during the course of your procedure.

The overall occlusion not impact by single arch Invisalign treatment for either your top or bottom teeth. Even when just one arch of the mouth treats. The total arch of the mouth must still be taken into account. Fortunately, most Invisalign single arch procedures involve straightening the lower front teeth. Which permits mobility to still be feasible without harming the opposing teeth.

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Can I Get Invisalign For Top Teeth Only?

Yes, it’s fine to use Invisalign primarily on your upper teeth. Normally, people only try to correct their top teeth when their bottom teeth are sufficiently stable and free from any signs of potential crookedness. In reality, due of how the upper jaw formed, many people have straight bottom teeth and crooked top teeth. You must see an orthodontic consultation if you simply want to utilise invisible aligners to straighten your upper teeth. The majority of specialists only recommend top tooth alignment when the top and bottom jaws very evenly spaced. If your side alignment is okay, then merely straightening the front teeth may be appropriate because Invisalign won’t typically modify the form of your jaw.

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If you don’t want to undergo a full treatment, you can decide to get Invisalign simply for your top or bottom teeth. Giving you the opportunity to select a procedure that suits you best. You may have a straighter smile that you can flaunt every day by having your front teeth adjusted.

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Is Getting Invisalign Just For The Top Teeth More Affordable?

Only your top teeth may benefit from Invisalign if you’re looking for a somewhat lower cost option, but if you want to get the most for your money, Experts usually suggest straightening both arches.

How Much Do Top Teeth Invisalign Cost?

Depending on how complicated the orthodontic issue is, a treatment using Invisalign can cost from around $1,800 to $9,500.

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